Speaking on Amanpour and Company on PBS / CNN International about Little Women

Check it out here:

CBS Interview

Check out my CBS interview about working as an actor/playwright in NYC, above.


New York Times Interview: Pride and Prejudice

Speaking to Mary Jo Murphy at Weekend Arts about Pride and Prejudice at Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, soon moving to Primary Stages - I play Lizzy Bennet! Link here.

Look Ma, I'm a New Yorker Cartoon!

Illustration by Janne Iivonen for the  New Yorker

Illustration by Janne Iivonen for the New Yorker

Made my longtime New Yorker-loving mother proud - read my profile in the New Yorker here.

NPR Interview: Pride and Prejudice

I talk to NPR's Robin Young about Pride and Prejudice at HVSF and Primary Stages here!

American Theatre Magazine profile

I talked to American Theatre Magazine about my work as an actor and playwright; check it out here.

TV Interview: NY1

Check out my interview on NY1's Onstage, with the luminous Kelley Curran! Watch it below, or  full episode here (begins at 11:15).

Michael Kahn and Lucas Hnath

Talking with Lucas and Michael at the Chautauqua Institution, here.

Mansfield Park interview

Speaking with the Tribune about Mansfield Park, here.

WNYC Interview: Pride and Prejudice

Talking to WNYC about Pride and Prejudice's off-Broadway run, here

Interview with the Associated Press:

I talk to Mark Kennedy of the AP about my work as an actor / playwright here

Interview in the New York Times:

Discussing sisterhood alongside my long-time S&S castmate Andrus Nichols; check it out at the link here!

"Smashing the Patriarchy": talking to YesBroadway about Vanity Fair

Link here!

Interview with Live at Five:

My segment comes around 6 minutes:

Little Women interview

Speaking with CityPages about Little Women’s premiere, here.

Interview with the Washington Post:

I spoke to Peter Marks about the Folger's run of S&S; link here!

Cyrano Interview: Dallas Morning News

While playing Roxane, I spoke to the Dallas Morning News about my quest to create strong female characters - both as an actor and playwright. Read here.

Pride and Prejudice: BroadwayBox

Speaking to BroadwayBox about Pride and Prejudice and my advice to young female playwrights.

Vanity Fair radio interview on Fox:

I spoke to Jane Metzler of Fox about Vanity Fair, here!

Interview with American Theater Magazine:

Spoke to American Theatre Magazine about Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen, and my fear of pitchfork-wielding mobs... at the link here.

Interview with Backstage:

I spoke to Backstage about making my own work as an actor and writer... at the link.

Talking with Jessica Stone: 

Speaking about Vanity Fair, coming to Shakespeare Theater of DC and A.C.T. - below!

Interview with the Washington Post:

Speaking to the Washington Post about S&S at the Folger. Link.

Radio Interview: Fox

I talk to Jane Metzler about working as an actor/playwright, as well as my connection to Jane Austen. Listen here. 

The Interval

Talking with The Interval - one of my favs - with Amanda Dehnert (also one of my favs) about P&P here.

Radio Interview with MPR:

I spoke to Minneapolis Public Radio about making work for women and opening a show at the Guthrie... link to article and on-air interview here.

Interview with Snapchat Sweet Channel:

Spoke to the Sweet Channel about why I started acting AND playwriting: find it at the link here!

Interview with MinnPost:

An interview with the Minneapolis Post about playwriting and S&S at the Guthrie; check it out here.

Radio Interview with Off-Script:

Check out my radio interview, speaking about S&S with Off Script's Dan Dwyer, at the link!

... and check out my interview with Dan about Vanity Fair, here!

Stage and Candor

Talking with Stage and Candor (and my wonderful castmates) about P&P off-Broadway - here!

Interview with TDF:

See how many times I can reference chamber pots in one conversation about the 19th century - link!

Pride and Prejudice at HVSF:

Talking with the Highland Current about P&P's run at HVSF here!

Interview about P&P's HVSF run:

Talking about Pride and Prejudice, coming in Summer 2017: here!

Interview about Vanity Fair:

A nice 2015 interview about VANITY FAIR's first reading, including some nerdy Shakespeare references from myself: link.

Chatting with Broadway Box (and my castmates):

Chatting with the ladies of S&S and BroadwayBox, here!