CBS Interview

Check out my CBS interview about working as an actor/playwright in NYC, above.


New York Times Interview: Pride and Prejudice

Speaking to Mary Jo Murphy at Weekend Arts about Pride and Prejudice at Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, soon moving to Primary Stages - I play Lizzy Bennet! Link here.

Look Ma, I'm a New Yorker Cartoon!

 Illustration by Janne Iivonen for the  New Yorker

Illustration by Janne Iivonen for the New Yorker

Made my longtime New Yorker-loving mother proud - read my profile in the New Yorker here.

NPR Interview: Pride and Prejudice

I talk to NPR's Robin Young about Pride and Prejudice at HVSF and Primary Stages here!

American Theatre Magazine profile

I talked to American Theatre Magazine about my work as an actor and playwright; check it out here.

TV Interview: NY1

Check out my interview on NY1's Onstage, with my luminous S&S castmate Kelley Curran! Watch it below, or  full episode here (begins at 11:15).

WNYC Interview: Pride and Prejudice

Talking to WNYC about Pride and Prejudice's off-Broadway run, here

Interview with the Associated Press:

I talk to Mark Kennedy of the AP about my work as an actor / playwright here

Interview in the New York Times:

Discussing sisterhood alongside my long-time S&S castmate Andrus Nichols; check it out at the link here!

"Smashing the Patriarchy": talking to YesBroadway about Vanity Fair

Link here!

Interview with Live at Five:

My segment comes around 6 minutes:

Interview with the Washington Post:

I spoke to Peter Marks about the Folger's run of S&S; link here!

Cyrano Interview: Dallas Morning News

While playing Roxane, I spoke to the Dallas Morning News about my quest to create strong female characters - both as an actor and playwright. Read here.

Vanity Fair radio interview on Fox:

I spoke to Jane Metzler of Fox about Vanity Fair, here!

Interview with American Theater Magazine:

Spoke to American Theatre Magazine about Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen, and my fear of pitchfork-wielding mobs... at the link here.

Interview with Backstage:

I spoke to Backstage about making my own work as an actor and writer... at the link.

Interview with the Washington Post:

Speaking to the Washington Post about S&S at the Folger. Link.

Radio Interview: Fox

I talk to Fox's Jane Metzler about working as an actor/playwright, as well as my connection to Jane Austen. Listen here. 

Radio Interview with MPR:

I spoke to Minneapolis Public Radio about making work for women and opening a show at the Guthrie... link to article and on-air interview here.

Interview with Snapchat Sweet Channel:

Spoke to the Sweet Channel about why I started acting AND playwriting: find it at the link here!

Interview with MinnPost:

An interview with the Minneapolis Post about playwriting and S&S at the Guthrie; check it out here.

Radio Interview with Off-Script:

Check out my radio interview, speaking about S&S with Off Script's Dan Dwyer, at the link!

... and check out my interview with Dan about Vanity Fair, here!

Interview with TDF:

See how many times I can reference chamber pots in one conversation about the 19th century - link!

Pride and Prejudice at HVSF:

Talking with the Highland Current about P&P's run at HVSF here!

Interview about P&P's HVSF run:

Talking about Pride and Prejudice, coming in Summer 2017: here!

Interview about Vanity Fair:

A nice 2015 interview about VANITY FAIR's first reading, including some nerdy Shakespeare references from myself: link.

Chatting with Broadway Box (and my castmates):

Chatting with the ladies of S&S and BroadwayBox, here!