Regional Reviews: S&S

Below is a sampling of regional reviews for Sense and Sensibility during the play's first regional runs - at the Guthrie, Folger Theatre, and Dallas Theater Center. For the rights to S&S, please see my PLAYS or CONTACT page.

S&S at the Guthrie (Wurtele Thrust)

Director: Sarah Rasmussen

"Charming, fresh, and witty... The play, adapted by Kate Hamill and based on Jane Austen’s 1811 novel, feels just as modern as any sitcom or soap opera... a notably female-centric play, offer[ing] brilliant facets of femininity.... A production for Austen devotees and newcomers (I promise!) alike, “Sense and Sensibility” is a joyful production that stands well on its own." - Minnesota Daily

"brings Jane Austen’s 18th-century characters so brightly to life that... it feels like the Dashwood sisters are reaching across the centuries for a high five... highly enjoyable....Playwright Hamill embraces Austen’s ambiguity. This isn’t a play about heroes and villains; it’s about imperfect human beings painfully bound by social strictures. Hamill rightly highlights the women’s agency and acuity, but the male characters are also sympathetic and complex. Intelligent, amusing, and presented by people who manifestly love what they’re doing, this Sense brings a fresh sensibility to a 200-year-old story. It’s a great show, and further evidence of the welcome winds of change." -CityPages

"the standing ovation rang through the Guthrie Theater... a most satisfying evening of theater. Hamill’s script reveals the perilous social landscape of Austen’s England and Rasmussen’s instincts take us to the personal core of characters who are worth considering, admiring and emulating once again." - Star Tribune

"the young actor/playwright Kate Hamill propels the 1811 novel into present-day discussions of girls, voice, and female-centric stories. Hamill (who originated the role of Marianne in an acclaimed off-Broadway production of her script) is explicit that she intends this adaptation to pass the Bechdel test...a delightful concoction, firmly set in period but updated to our time in terms of thematic emphasis. This upbeat show is well worth a visit.. fun to watch, and elicit[ing] hearty laughs ... It's great to see all the theater arts woven together so skillfully to bring one of the early English novels to new viewers with humor and a deft feminist touch." - BroadwayWorld

S&S at the Folger

Director: Eric Tucker

TOP 10 DC THEATER OF 2016 - Peter Marks, Washington Post

  • Best-selling show in Folger Theater's history

"This is how you bring Jane Austen to the stage... Director Eric Tucker and playwright Kate Hamill affirm the richness of theatrical opportunity in Austen’s decorously vibrant characters, in a fluid staging that sparkles with wit and invention... [an] irresistible version of Sense and Sensibility that is currently wrapping the stage of Folger Theatre in ribbons of enchantment... bewitching." - Washington Post

"It doesn't get much better... It’s the kind of intelligent silliness that creates theatergoers for life among the uninitiated — and brings back the faith for everybody else...  Adapted with verve by Kate Hamill from Jane Austen’s classic novel, it is fast, funny, witty and ridiculous. But it is also incredibly adept at breathing hot and feverish life into an early 19th century tale... It is high entertainment, with Austen’s wit, wisdom and observations of the human heart at its core. 

"madcap... combines the sublime chaos of the Marx Brothers with... exquisitely subtle dialogue.. Kate Hamill’s acclaimed adaptation retains the most important scenes, and moves with lightning speed... Austen, like Shakespeare, was not just of an age but for all time.  This is an opportunity to appreciate again just how timeless she is." - DC Metro

"irresistibly charming... [does] Jane Austen proud... Don’t expect to see a rehash of Emma Thompson’s “Sense and Sensibility.” This version, featuring an adaptation by Kate Hamill, is fun and fresh... Silliness aside, this “Sense and Sensibility” does capture the story’s deeper moments beautifully....“Sense and Sensibility” didn’t even finish its first act before this reviewer was already thinking of seeing it again." - Fredericksburg Freelance Star

"High-spirited...  you will take lavish delight in Kate Hamill’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, which lights up the Folger Theatre like a shower of fireworks under the fluid direction of Eric Tucker... bursts at the seams with freshness and life." - DC Theatrescene

S&S at Dallas Theater Center

Director: Sarah Rasmussen

"Rousing, exquisite... There’s more than drawing room titters going on in this superb rendering of Austen’s insight into the plight of young women in 18th-century England... Hamill’s exuberant take on Austen’s clear-headed assessment of the marriage market still resonates... a must-see show for Austenites everywhere—and a surprise thrill for everybody else." - TheaterJones

"A warm, witty look at love... Kate Hamill’s splendid new adaptation of the Austen classic at Dallas Theater Center underscores the author’s sharp criticism of how ugly words can ruin vulnerable young lives... laugh-out-loud." - Dallas News: Top 5, Dallas Theater