Little Women, Mansfield Park

I have two world premieres coming up in 2018: Little Women and Mansfield Park.

1.) Little Women (premiered Sept 2018 at the Jungle, dir. Sarah Rasmussen) and coming to Primary Stages (May 2019, dir. Sarna Lapine).

First reviews for Little Women’s Minneapolis run are coming in…!

Smart… subversive… Kate Hamill’s fascinating new adaptation… is so true to the story’s spirit while alive to the present day that it feels as sharp as a file hidden in a cake. No playwright could bring the sprawling novel to the stage without significant abbreviation, but Hamill has gone a step further and created what amounts to a remix… Hamill captures those “little women’s” essences so precisely that the world created by director Sarah Rasmussen will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has even a passing familiarity with the book… This play is amazing.” - City Pages

Bold… provocative… a distinctly modern spin… What pronouns would Jo March, the protagonist of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, have preferred? The premise of [this] Little Women is that if folks back then had known that gender is nonbinary, the imaginative and obstreperous Jo would have landed somewhere in the middle of the continuum… this is not your grandmother’s Little Women — nor, the show is saying, could it be. In this Little Women… the past is accounted for, but we’re more interested in how the story feels now.” - StarTribune

“If this is the way that Kate Hamill interprets all old things into new things I want her to take everything i had to read in English class and turn it anew, because I feel like she’s got it on the nose. This isn’t a reworking - this is a revitalization of the text.” - MPR

Little Women makes a big impression… Manages to feel both familiar and newtakes us to an old destination via a new path, we see different things along the journey than we may have before… refreshes the tale in an interesting way. Its ‘little’ story still has large power.” - Pioneer Press

“This lively adaptation, featuring a wonderful and diverse cast, is sweet and heart-warming, staying true to the source but casting the story in a more modern and relevant light. This adaptation puts more emphasis on the strict gender roles of the time… and the way that Jo, and even Laurie, don't fit in them. This would be a great play to bring kids to, but it's entertaining for people of all ages - fresh and fun and heartfelt. It's a… story about family and individuality, and the struggle between those two, as well as finding your voice and finding your place in the world.” - Cherry and Spoon

“…the show is as heartfelt and inspirational as its source material… Rasmussen, in discussing why they chose Little Women, said that it afforded the Jungle the opportunity to present something new and exciting that holds aloft Alcott’s original themes. Hamill’s adaptation does this exceptionally well but also finds a way to make a story about women in the middle 1800’s living at a time when the nation was divided relatable to the challenges of today… Little Women is filled with emotion, love, loss and will take your heartstrings captive within the first few scenes, only to finally release them at the final curtain.” - HowWastheShow

2.) Mansfield Park (premiering November 2018 at Northlight Theater, dir. Stuart Carden)

Mansfield Park, my third Austen adaptation, is coming soon! Read more about Mansfield Park here.